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“Om” is sanskrit that basically includes everything – past, present, future; beginning, middle end; emotionally and physically.

C🕉unification (cOMunification) doesn’t have anything to do with market development or public relations; nor does it relate to computers and technology, but rather a term that defines the social collaboration within a community to manage change to the reciprocal benefit to all.

Urban areas that were once the center of community activity, whether viewed as good or bad, are ripe for gentrification. “Gentrification” is one of those jargony terms that get thrown around and used in various contexts.

I define gentrification as what happens when people or businesses look for real estate deals, purchase urban property that may or may not be distressed and update them without much collaboration with existing neighbors.

As a result of the improvements, some of the resulting consequences are, property values become higher and, in some cases, displace businesses and residents who can no longer afford to stay in the updated neighborhood.

What if the “American Way” based on rugged individualism, cultural divides narrowed by assimilation, quests for power and strength evolved into the opposite of gentrification?

I call the opposite of gentrification “c🕉unification,” (cOMunification), which happens when existing and new individuals, and/or groups within a physical or cultural community that may be stable, revitalizing and or redeveloping reciprocally thrive and share with all – “We’re all in this together.”

In the 20th century, the United States was metaphorically characterized as a “Melting Pot” in which races and ethnicities would learn English and assimilate themselves into homogenous Americans.

That was true during racial segregation when the pot contained white cheeses like swiss, edam, gouda, parmesan and feta, they blended together to make a mixed pot of white cheese. Immigrants from Europe had the American Way ahead of them after they assimilated.

It’s a different story for immigrants who enter through the southern U.S. / Mexico border seeking asylum. There’s not much to look forward to when there are 50,000 asylum seekers assembled in detention centers awaiting hearings.

These days, the country has become racially and ethnically multicultural as a result of immigration. Today, the blended food metaphor would be more like a tossed salad that has separate ingredients unified with a common dressing.

Our quest to “fight for truth justice and the American Way,” as espoused in the Superman, TV show opening narrator, needs to be reexamined as the country becomes more culturally diverse.


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