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  1. Alan
    With reference to the hoa info you sent – I am very grateful not just for the numbers but also for your take on what is important for a community to consider when setting those amounts



  2. Alan, this is a huge stretch but when searching for Jake O’Hashi, I was redirected to your blog. Jake was one of my bosses in Cheyenne in the ‘70s, and I was wondering if you are related to him. He was a very nice and straightforward man, and I enjoyed working for Pioneer Printing during my few years there,


    • hello katherine – you came to the right place. if you search my site, jake’s name would probably come up. i’ve written some about my family. he was my dad’s youngest brother. his brother – my uncle – richard also worked at pioneer. if you’re not in cheyenne, pioneer printing went out of business for good after 150 years. i think the building is being turned into a brewery. thx for reaching out, alan o.


  3. Alan
    David Broyles here. I searched and found this site and hope this reaches you.
    Not sure how much interest you have in the 71 reunion site . Ralph Zobel asked me to forward a Fairview picture along with names. I found the class picture of Miss West’s 5th grade class. And would d like to ask you if you would help me with names .?? If so, please respond to my email and I’ll send you the picture.
    This website is VERY impressive!!
    Thanks. Dave


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