My scooter / motorcycle carrier and Holy Week – Maundy Thursday

I’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen the past couple editing, it’s a bit tedious and monotonous – cut and paste, cut and paste, render files. The rendering is taking awhile and in the meantime, I’ve been posting some items for sale.

I'm trying to sell my scooter / motorcycle carrier with a 2 inch tongue on craigslist and ebay.

I’m trying to sell my scooter / motorcycle carrier with a 2 inch tongue on craigslist and ebay.


I still have my Aprillia scooter, I just don’t have a need to haul it around, like I thought I would. One of the images I posted reminded me that today is Maundy Thursday – as opposed to Monday Monday by the Mamas and the Papas.

It is cross-like.

The bike carrier reminded me that Thursday commemorates the two betrayals of Jesus by Judas and Peter before the Last Supper.” (Remember Father Guido Sarducci of Saturday Nigh Live? He claimed to have the dinner check from the the Last Supper – what a relic that would be!)



To refresh your Sunday school lessons, this was the day when Jesus called his guys together for a going away dinner, the last supper – a passover seder. He gave them some pretty good advice with the hopes that they would hang together. He said they should “love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another”.

For the most part they did stick together, but It still baffles me why Judas and Peter turned on Jesus at the last minute. It really didn’t matter, because the cops would have eventually found him, anyway – bad news travels fast in an oral culture.

Judas was supposedly smitten by satan. When the super natural is involved, there’s really no explanation when, as Flip Wilson’s Geraldine said, “The devil made me do it.” Judas must have been a skeptic from the get-go and went along for the free food – loaves and fishes went a long way in those days.



Peter was just being human, too, and I think he had bought into Jesus’s rap about helping the marginalized people in society since he continued on and was the first Pope. The question is, did Peter ever get over denying he even knew his main bud?

Peter denied he knew Jesus not once, but three times when queried by total strangers. Maybe someone can enlighten me about the significance of the rooster crowing after Peter’s denials – seems like Jesus may have predicted it, now that I think about it.

Peter’s actions weren’t quite as bad, but I’d say a natural reaction when you consider Jesus was a wanted man.

I wonder if I would have stood up for Jesus considering the possible consequences. Back then, when Jesus was still alive, the denial of knowing a criminal was more of a survival tactic. There were no Miranda rights.

These days, it’s more about professing faith about Jesus rising from the dead and all that eternal life stuff, which can be risky, but not as risky as the possibility of being convicted as a co-conspirator and hung on a cross.

Jesus wanted his guys to remember him by breaking bread that was representative of his body and washing it down with some wine which was to remind them of his blood.

I think it’s amazing that all this caught on and continues to grow – in some good ways and some bad ways – after all these centuries.

Anyone need their feet washed?

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