Election Tag

There’s been a facebook game of tag going around encouraging early voting. My pal Tad Leeper tagged me and I’m supposed to keep the chain going by tagging five others. There are so many interesting contests happening around the country I don’t know who to bug about this. In fact, I’m not much of tagger, so if you’re so inclined, post a pix of your early vote and tag others in you are so inclined.

Take a pix of yourself with your early voting ballot and scrawl "I voted" on your arm. Tag five of your pals.

Take a pix of yourself with your early voting ballot and scrawl “I voted” on your arm. Tag five of your pals.


Take a pix of yourself getting your early voting ballots ready to be cast and then tag five more. This isn’t catching on like the ALS ice bucket challenge.

I filed out my ballot but won’t vote until election day. It’s cheaper and more convenient to mail it, but for me, at least, there’s something about going down to the polls and casting my vote that gets my serotonin rising. The postage stamp is a de facto “poll tax” but probably cheaper than hopping in the car, driving to the polls and voting.

I haven’t missed an election since my first one in 1972. I voted for Nixon.  I’ve not been a very good party man. I remember when I was in grad school at the University of Wyoming. I volunteered with the College Republicans. I did what I could to help out Larry Hart who was running for Congress in 1976, but voted for Teno Roncalio.

In 1980 I supported John Anderson, the third party guy from Illinois, in 1984 I voted for political criminal Lyndon Larouche because he was the initial whistle blower on Iran Contra.  I was drummed out of the Republican Party for supporting John Vinich for US Senate in 1988. Even though I voted for Ross Perot in 1992, I attended Clinton’s inauguration.

Theoretically, a person’s vote is secret, but in reality, there are no secrets.

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