Has anyone seen my keys?

It took me 75 minutes to figure out how to change the login email address on audible.

Have you ever tried to change an email address on a website? It’s a little thing, but so far, I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to change my audible.com login email address. Audible sells voiced-over books. I’m not much of a reader, but I listen to them.

I thought about my dad, who never opened up a computer nor used a cellphone. Using a battery-powered calculator was as tech-savvy as he would become.

Dad retired from his job shortly before technology displaced analog workers like him.

Seems that audible was purchased by Amazon many years ago. My “current” audible account has been fallow for quite some time, based on the expired credit cards on file.

I wanted to use the email address associated with my audible account to set up Amazon Pay on my revamped websites. Since Amazon and audible are associated, Amazon Pay wouldn’t allow me to use an email address twice.

It was getting to be very frustrating, and I contacted the Chat Help Line. I was connected to a nice person named Shyam. I could tell he wasn’t from the United States because of his sentence structure and word choice.

I thought I had two memberships and asked to delete one of them. After a few chat exchanges, he finally understood, but the reason for the confusion is that my audible account was being managed by Amazon, but I was a member of audible.

The steps Shyam provided were the same straightforward ones I initially followed. I reached the box where I typed the updated email address, and was asked to provide my old password.


I could have guessed, but likely the Amazon Artificial Intelligence squad would have protected me from myself and locked me out. As unorganized as I am, I did find the password and eventually changed the email address after 75 minutes.

I’m the same age as my dad was when he retired. For an old guy, I’m pretty good with computers and technology. I’ve been simplifying my cyber-life and consolidating accounts, canceling and deleting memberships. There will be a time when these small things will become huge encumbrances.

Has anyone seen my keys?