When you can prove ‘obstruction’ get back to me, will ya?

fox news muellerI watched the Fox News analysis after Special Counsel Robert Mueller was grilled on Capitol Hill, “Nothing to see here, let’s move on to the work of the ‘people,'” and the MSNBC after words, “Throw him out, Throw him out!”
I didn’t watch much of it, but the snip-its I caught, both the Reds and Blues were trying to put words in Bob’s mouth, but he wasn’t biting.
Some Reds and Blues used their five minutes to grandstand for good sound bites that would resonate back home.
His “performance” was panned because Mueller hadn’t memorized the full 487 page report.
If the Blues want to kick POTUS out of office, they need way more than Mueller’s report.
If lying about blow jobs is a “high crime and a misdemeanor,” ‘then “not exonerated” hits that low bar.
If POTUS quits or gets kicked out, it will be because of actual crimes and misdemeanors, not political ones.
In 1973, U.S. Senate Republicans finally came around when Nixon’s actions made it “perfectly clear” he committed felonies.
The nation’s founders had a bad taste in their mouths after colonists were pushed around by their totalitarian British over lords. They wrote the Constitution to give the criminally accused the benefit of the doubt – innocent until proven guilty.
The government has to meet a very high threshold to throw someone in the slammer.
msnbc muellerWhen the Republican-controlled House impeached Clinton, he came back with a vengeance and eked out his re-election in 1996.
He won by a 49.2 percent popular vote plurality over Bob Dole.
If it wasn’t for third party candidate Ross Perot, who garnered 8.4 percent of the vote, Clinton may not have prevailed.
Turning the table, U.S. House Democrats have the votes to make a political statement, but not to fulfill their ultimate goal.
Let the voters kick him out.

2 thoughts on “When you can prove ‘obstruction’ get back to me, will ya?

  1. It’s unfortunate that Trump’s illegal, obstructive acts are not clear as day to you! Please review the Mueller report! It contains a great deal of evidence for obstruction!


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