Boulder Co-living – Who’s behind the curtain?

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The Boulder Co-Living community project people behind the curtain are three cohousing neighbors who have been active in the  cohousing, housing and affordable housing worlds.

Wonderland Hill Development Corporation (WHDC) – Jim Leach is a professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, construction, and development of sustainable housing, cohousing, planned neighborhoods, and urban infill development. Throughout his career, Jim has led the industry in creating green building strategies and community-based housing that combine high-quality design with maximum value.

He lives in Silver Sage Village cohousing.

WHDC is the pioneer in cohousing development having completed 22 projects since 1993. Projects include the La Querencia in Fresno California and the Nevada City project in Nevada City, California. In Boulder, WHDC developed Silver Sage Village, Wild Sage Cohousing, Nyland Cohousing, Nomad Cohousing, and Washington Village.

Jim has been a spokesperson for the solar energy movement since the early 1980s and was active in the writing and review of the Boulder Energy Code. In 1997, Jim was inducted into the “Built Green Hall of Fame” by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Denver.

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Jim Leach

His award-winning neighborhoods have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, National Association of Home Builders, National Council of the Housing Industry, Urban Land Institute, and The Congress of New Urbanism.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering and a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in construction engineering from Stanford University.

caddis logo verticalCaddis Collaborative – Bryan Bowen: has been a practicing architect since 1995, dedicated to the design of neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of making baby steps toward a sustainable permaculture planet. He also lives in Wild Sage Cohousing.

The Caddis niche is cohousing. Caddis has been designing successful cohousing communities, both nationally and internationally, for almost two decades, including Silver Sage Village, and Wild Sage Cohousing – both in Boulder; Germantown Commons in Nashville; Memel Cohousing in South Africa.

Caddis Collaborative is a leader in sustainable design, zero net energy homes, and livable communities, and applies attention, sophisticated design, and creative solutions to every project. In addition to their skills in architecture, their expertise in grassroots community engagement is essential for large-scale projects, especially multifamily housing and institutional projects.

bryan mug

Bryan Bowen

Caddis Collaborative, reflects their core values in their work, striving to create sustainable communities through sustainable building practices. Not only do they have the capacity to ensure a project’s success, but also have the talent and expertise to do it elegantly and artfully. If it’s worth building, it’s worth doing it well.

Caddis expertise and signature style of listening and engagement to play midwife to emerging communities. his work includes single-family homes, eco-retrofits, multifamily housing, mixed-use projects, community planning, and commercial work.

frogEnvironmental and Cultural Organization Systems (ECOS) –  Alan O’Hashi has been saving the world through his sole proprietorship since 1992.  He is no stranger to complicated multi-disciplinary projects. He has past lives that include affordable housing development, including community outreach and resident recruitment.

Alan lives in Silver Sage Village cohousing. He will be collaborating with his neighbor, Jim Leach, and Wonderland Hills Development in the community building aspect of the Boulder Co-Living community.

He was the first Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley based in Longmont where he worked in the community to establish collaborations to assist with housing construction. He developed a 2-acre HFH subdivision, including land acquisition, public improvement funding, processing subdivision through the city of Longmont planning department and city council.

In Wyoming, he served as the Northern Arapaho Tribe, Community and Economic Development Director and managed tribal housing rehab program. Prior to that he was staff to the Lander Housing Authority when it developed the Poposia Senior Housing Project. He was the city project administrator for the Smith Street Passive Solar Housing Project – coordinated joint effort among the state of Wyoming, Fremont County School District #1, city of Lander, private lending institutions.

alan rocky mug

Alan O’Hashi

He coordinated outreach and selection of 20 eligible households to participate, and arranged for their USDA mortgage loan guarantees. While working for the city of Gillette, Wyoming, he coordinated the HUD CDBG citizen participation process for a Section 8 apartment building site development.

Alan is active with the Cohousing Association of the U.S. and served as a member of the city of Boulder Planning Board; city of Boulder Human Relations Commission; city of Boulder Affordable Housing Working Group.

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